General Admission Requirements

The application for admission form completed online or on paper.

  1. A photocopy of the passport, ID, or equivalent document demonstrating the home country residence;
  2. A passport-size photograph;
  3. A non-refundable application fee of $95;
  4. For applicants who attended other postsecondary educational institutions, official transcripts from postsecondary programs from which applicants wish to transfer credits;
  5. A one-page essay to explain the applicant’s interest in a Lincoln University program.

Admission Procedures for Cohort Programs

Lincoln University distant BA and MBA programs are cohort track programs. A cohort is a group of students who follow the same course sequence taking the same courses together at the same time. The courses are taught sequentially one course after another and a cohort may start at any time when enough students enroll. Applying to an online program, students select the cohort to join. Cohorts may have different start dates, application deadlines, and concentrations offered. Students must familiarize themselves with the schedule, course progression and submit application by the cohort-specific deadline.

Lincoln University may postpone the cohort start if the number of students in a cohort is below the minimum of 12 students. If the number of enrolled students for a selected module is below the required number, students are notified of the module cancelation and offered alternative module start dates.

Some additional documents or a personal interview may be required for a certain group of applicants (International Students) or for admission to specific degree programs (see Admission Requirements for BABSMBAMS, and DBA).

The application will be evaluated when all documents are received, then the applicant is notified of his/her admission status. All application documents used for admission process become the university property independent of the admission result and cannot be returned. Copies of original documents should be notarized and accompanied by notarized English translation (if not printed in English).