Transfer of Credits

Transfer credits are accepted from schools accredited by a recognized accrediting agency, licensed by a state authority, or foreign institutions approved by a local Department or Ministry of Education. Official transcripts of all university courses taken earlier should be submitted. The semester unit of credit is a commonly accepted quantification of student academic learning. Units received from institutions using other academic calendars are recalculated to semester units. So, one (15-week) semester unit may be equated to 1.5 (10-week) quarter units. Credits may be granted for coursework with a satisfactory grade taken at an academic institution offering programs similar to the one at LU and are applicable to the student’s curriculum at LU, as determined by the Registrar. Credit units transferred to Lincoln University are recorded, but quality points and grades from other institutions are omitted. The maximum time for transferred students to complete a degree program is evaluated in the enrollment agreements and reflected in the University policy of satisfactory academic progress. Transfer of credits after enrollment to the university or cross enrollment is not allowed without a valid reason and should be approved by the Provost. Credits earned more than 10 years prior to matriculation at LU cannot be transferred. Exemptions may be granted to students with college degrees for general education or foundation courses. Work experience or professional education can be evaluated by the Registrar Office in consultation with an appropriate academic advisor and may receive credit units as part of the transfer. The process requires the student’s interview by the Dean, Program Director, or Provost. Students who seek to earn an additional degree at LU and wish to use a part of credit units received at LU earlier are treated as students transferring credit from other schools, however the number of credits accepted for the new degree is to be determined but not restricted.

Limitation for Credit Transfers

A maximum of 92 academic semester units of transfer credit with passing grades “C” or better (or equivalent) may be applied to the BA degree. A maximum of 72 educational and 6 externship credit units with passing grades “C” or better (or equivalents) can be transferred to the BS degree.

A maximum of 12 and 33 units of graduate work with a grade of “B” or better from recognized schools may be accepted as transfer credit for the Master’s and Doctor’s degrees respectively. Details related to the transfers can be found in the descriptions of each program. In some cases, additional graduate credits may be transferred at the discretion of the Chief Academic Officer or for courses taken from affiliated institutions/articulation partners or cooperation programs.

Notice on Transferability of Credits Earned at Lincoln University

The transferability of credits earned at Lincoln University is at the complete discretion of an institution to which the student may seek to transfer. Lincoln University does not imply, promise, or guarantee that any credit earned at the University will be transferable or accepted by any other institution. The student is responsible for contacting an institution to which he/she is seeking to transfer after attending Lincoln University to determine if the credits will be transferable.