Policy for Need-Based Discount

Lincoln University (LU) administration has established a procedure for awarding ‘Need-Based DISCOUNT’ (NBD) to eligible students, from the University funds (if available).

Eligibility of a student for NBD is based on her/his validated unexpected financial need (stimulated by unanticipated health problems, family issues, loss of financial support/sponsor, natural disasters, etc.). All applicants for NBD must be in good standing academically.

The NBD is awarded for a specific academic term and may cover a part of a student’s tuition. The student may be awarded again for subsequent academic term(s), if the applicant is still eligible, and the financial need still exists.

A student requesting consideration for the award of Need-Based Discount, must submit to the Office of President:

  1. a formal application
  2. a letter explaining the circumstances; and
  3. documentation validating the special circumstances and financial need.

The President may award the Need-Based Discount at his own discretion. The amount of NBD is related to the number of academic units taken by the awardee during a semester and may be reduced if a student drops a course. All miscellaneous fees for the term should be borne by the student.